The Gag Order Has Been Rescinded!

I wrote something one year ago to the day that appeared in my Face Book memories that struck my attention. It’s ironic how fitting that Word is for the season we have just been launched into. 

The Word Released was as follows:

Perpetrators have a high success rate and opportunity to hurt people because victims remain silent! Usually a victim can identify their perpetrators but keep quiet out of fear, shame, or the belief that no one will believe them especially if it’s a close associate, family member, or if the positions of said person(s) is highly regarded. Your destiny, influence, ministry, money, and relationships have suffered long enough from the rape and molestation of the enemy. THE GAG ORDER HAS BEEN RESCINDED! TIME UP! Breaking the Silence!


Hebrew year 5780 (2020) has been coined as the year to widen your mouth. It’s interesting that it comes immediately after the year 5779 (2019) which means the year to see the snake in the grass. 

This is consistent with what most of us have been experiencing the last decade. We have not been blind to our enemy or the tactics that were hurled against us. Some of us were taught to keep our business to ourselves. Others were told what happens in your house stays in your house. You must understand that a lifetime of this kind of teaching will leave the victim believing that they are obligated to protect the identity of their tormentor.

A gag order is sometimes called a suppression order and is a case that cannot be discussed in public; not even comments. While this is a legal term and is usually enforced by a judge or through legal court proceedings, Satan, your enemy; enforces gag orders on his victims without them even knowing that it is him that’s doing it. He manages to remain hidden in the dark by making you believe that it’s your fault that you went through what you went through and somehow you deserved it. He then goes on to make you feel like it’s in your best interest to be quiet by pointing out all the ways you failed to protect yourself. Even on the days you mustered up enough strength to just think about breaking the silence the enemy reminds you that no one will believe you or better yet who are you to come up against them? Listen, it’s not by happenstance that a gag ordered is also called a suppression order. Every time you were robbed of the right to express yourself or expose your perpetrator the trauma you experienced was suppressed. Emotional suppression is dangerous because it teaches you strategies of how to make uncomfortable thoughts and feelings more manageable by pushing them out of your mind. This is breeding ground for soul takeover by the enemy and usually leaves victims in desperate need of deliverance. 

The great news is that the thief has been found out and his power rescinded. This means that whatever power he had over you and your situation in the past has been cancelled!  

  • • You will no longer see your adversary and then protect him with your silence.
  • • You are no longer a prisoner of your truth. 
  • • You will no longer have to be afraid for your safety, God is your PROTECTOR (witness protection)

 You have been granted permission to break the silence and open your mouth wide! HEAVEN BACKS YOU! 

12 thoughts on “The Gag Order Has Been Rescinded!

  1. Well PK, this is another great article that’s exposing the enemy and his tactics. As long as we will as people receive truth, the freedom comes with it!!!! This is an eye opener to the hidden, bless you WOG!!!

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  2. I love this article. So many people are prisoners of pain that’s hidden in secrets. Unfortunately, the trauma has handicapped the victims in some walk of life. I love this article it’s time to be set free. Thank you Prophetess Karyn Watson 💕💕💕

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  3. This article was mind-blowing. The revelation of the Hebrew dates and their significance was eye-opening. Please continue to write Prophetess Karyn so that the eyes and mouths of the people of God will never be stifled again.

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